Bandar Bola – Arsenal vs Chelsea Battle Pieces

Bandar Bola – Chelsea will face Arsenal in the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium. Although this match is important for Arsenal to secure third position in place, Chelsea also has hopes to finish into the top four this season. Roberto Di Matteo’s forces had the upper hand after successfully defeating the team that called the world’s best team, Barcelona, in the first leg of the European Champions League semi-final. However tengaga Frank Lampard and his friends are also depleted, and this could be a boon for Arsenal. Moreover, asng dedngkot Chelsea, Didier Drogba is injured and will be rested, was quoted by the Bandar Bola.

Key battles that should be observed in a match between the two London clubs, according to Bandar ball is between the Gunners captain Robin van Persie and defender Gary Cahill the Blues. Van Persie who was upset at Wigan defender and captain Gary Caldwell and refused to shake hands it is failing to contribute a goal in a match that ended 1-2 defeat to Arsenal. In fact, recent perfomanya reap praise from many quarters, including Arsene Wenger, taken from Bandar Bola.

While Cahill was equally good performance in the match against Barcelona in particular to anticipate the movement – the movement of the world’s best striker Lionel Messi. If the veteran defender John Terry to be rested, Cahill could prove her abilities. Another performance is also worth a watch is Aaron Ramsey. With diistirahatkannya Mikel Arteta through injury and Jack Wilshere who has not yet fit, Ramsey became the choice among many other midfielders. The 21-year-old player could show that he has grown to become a better player and the sooner, dilansirkan by Bandar Bola Online.

Meanwhile, Fernando Torres action should be observed as well. No doubt, two of the last game still showed Didier Drogba as the mainstay players for influential moments for Chelsea. 28-year-old players must break that her jewelry was worth 50 million pounds for his team. Drogba should be recognized that the injury could be a means of proving himself to show the sharpness thrust into the opponent’s defense, was quoted by the Bandar Bola.

History speaks that in their last meeting, last October, could Arsenal thrashed Chelsea 5-3. In the Premier League last season, while playing in the Emirates, Arsenal beat Chelsea 3-1. At that time, Chelsea was led by Andre Villas-Boas.
However, anything can happen in football. Since under the leadership of Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea became the blue team a daunting opponent, said the Bandar Bola Terpercaya.



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